The FARM is an interactive story experiment in which I document the difficult process of not forgetting the farm and attempt to create a virtual space where the farm can continue to be imagined and remembered. My goal is to archive and share stories about my family’s farm and to develop and maintain an online space that partially replicates, in virtual form, the feeling of being at the farm.

Experimenting with new ways of storytelling.

The FARM weaves together video footage, photographs, scrapbooks and memoirs, archival documents, interviews, maps, an original score by Room 34 and narrative text to explore the significance of the farm and its loss, and to experiment with new ways of crafting, telling and sharing stories.

In this first phase (spring 2015), I’m imagining this site as a somewhat-surrogate for actually being at the Farm in You are T/here., crafting an interactive documentary that weaves together a series of three accounts of honoring and not forgetting the Farm in Banging on the Loom, and constructing a searchable database of photos, videos, stories and documents in Scraps of Memory.