Ines’s Loom Story

"Banging on the Loom," read by Sara Puotinen

Story by Ines Puotinen

Grandma (Johanna) had woven rugs for many years. I would help her set them up which was rather a complicated procedure so as not to get the warp tangled. Later on, when Grandma was not able to do it, Kully would help me. No problems because he was always so organized. I wove several hundred yards each year, mostly in the winter months. For a time we had the loom upstairs. One time the Metropolitan insurance man came over and I was weaving upstairs. He thought the roof was coming down as I banged away. I had intended to weave mostly for my family but there was such a demand for rag rugs at that time I ended up weaving mostly for other people. Sometimes that was rather stressful as there was not that much time for it. What I had hoped to be a leisurely pastime turned out to be a frustration at times. If you can do it for enjoyment it is very interesting and is a therapy. I gave it up when I went to work outside of our home.