The Warp

On a loom, the warp is the vertical frame through which the weft is woven horizontally. The resources, reflections on and analysis of storytelling found in this section, help to frame my Farm stories.

In rag rugs, the warp is often hidden. Weavers believe that an exposed warp weakens the rug:

A Finnish saying goes, ‘Kude tepee mason’ (weft makes the rug). Too many warp ends hinder the weft from getting tightly woven and make a warp-dominated rug. For the same reason, a rug comes thin and flimsy. We Finnish weavers try to hide the warp altogether, if possible, and weave thick, firm rugs.

Annikki Marttila in Lockwood, 117

Within my Farm stories, I’m trying to hide my frame (my theorizing, critical reflections and sources of inspiration, informed by training in feminist studies and research on digital storytelling). But, because I still want to make those theories/reflections/resources visible, I’m including them here.

Several rugs can be woven on a single warp. At this stage in my process, I’ve already woven one┬ástory, with second and third stories being planned.