Summer of 2002

During the summer of 2002, when the rest of the family left after our annual “fort” July celebration (or, was it before they got there?), my mom and I stayed at the farm together. In the morning, she would sew and weave while I studied for a french exam, a requirement for my doctorate. In the afternoon, we would drive around the area, looking for great hiking spots. While we walked and talked, she took pictures and I occasionally shot some video footage. In the evening, we would often cook a great meal together and split a bottle of wine. It was amazing.

To commemorate that wonderful month, my mom crafted a photo book using construction paper, duct tape, card stock and many of the photographs that she had taken. She gave it to me as a thank you.

I love this book. I love how her stories about our month are written around the photos in her neat handwriting. And I love that she took the time to mark the occasion in such a creative and crafty way.